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Veterans Service/Seniors

RCL Claim Form RCL Claim Application 2013_EXTENDED_e
Benevolent Form RCL BenevolentAssistanceForm_e1
Leave the Street Behind Form homeless-veterans-asistance-request-form
VIP Application Form VAC221-2013-11-EN_RE_B11 Veterand Independence Program VIP
War Veterans Allowance Form VAC1466-2013-10-EN_RE_B1 War Veterans Allowance
Military Service Information Form canadian-forces-application-record-of-service-form-d2380m
Military Service Info Form militaryserviceinformationapplication2
RCL MSRB submisstion Form 2017-msrb-fillable-submission-form
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Blanket Licence Templates:

BL Date List GTA- BL dates Template
Meat Roll Log Sheet MEATROLL-SHT
50/50 Log Sheet weekly 50-50 draw sht


The Poppy Store Poppy Store
The Members Store Shop Legion
Fall Catalogue 2016 catalogue_fall_e
Branch Order Form Branch-Order-Form -2015


Dominion By Laws general-by-laws july 2017
Provincial By-Laws 2013-General-Bylaws-current
Provincial By-Laws for Branches – Amended By-laws for Branches -2016
Ontario Command L.A. By-laws Ladies Auxiliary Provincial By-Laws
Provincial Sports 2015 Manual provincial-sports-manual-2016
Regular Sports Form  provincialregularsregistrationform-fill-2014
Seniors Sports Form provincial-seniorsregistrationform-fill-2014 (2)
 Provincial Golf Form  provincial-sports-registration-form—golf
Membership Manual Membership Manual 2011
Membership Dues Notice Membership Dues Notice
Membership Guide Membership Processing Guide 2012
Membership Application  new-legion_membership-application_en_may2017_fillable
Poppy Manual poppy-manual august 2017
Poppy Status Report 2016-branch-status-report-poppy-trust-fund-fill
Poppy Breakdown Sheet breakdown-sheet-fillable-final-august-2017-1
LCBO & Beer Store Report copy-of-2017-counter-box-form—fillable
Special Use of Poppy Funds Application-for-Special-Use-of-Poppy-Funds
Public Relations Manual Public-Relations-ManuaL_2014
Rules for Scrapbook and Bulletin Contest Scrapbook-and-Bulletin-Entry-Rules-revised-2012
Entry Form for Scrapbook Contest Scrapbook-Entry-Form-and-Scoresheet
Entry Form for Bulletin Contest Bulletin-Entry-form-and-score-revised-for-2012
Entry form for Magazine Item Legion-magazine-Branch-news-Item
Guidelines for Branch Regulations branch-regulations-guildelines/2014-2015
Notice of Motion to Create form-2-notice-of-motion-create-amend-pdf-fillable
Notice of Motion Before First Creation form-2a—notice-of-motion—before-first-cor
Branch Regulations Submission Form form-5—br-bcr-submission-form-pdf-fillable
Create or Amend Form form-1-create-amend-regulations-fillable-final
Branch Regulations Form form-3—branch-regulations fillable-final
Ritual, Awards & Protocol Manual ritual-awards-and-protocol-manual July 2017
Property Manual Real Property
Act to Incorporate Act_to_Incorporate
Legion Officers Manual 2020 (View only) 2012 legion officers manual 
Submission of New Resolution Form resolution form for submission to OPC
Application for Cadet Medal cadet-medal-of-excellence-2011
Application for Friendship Award friendship-award-form-sept-2014
Application for Media Award media-award-form-sept-2014
Application for MSM & MSA msm-msa-award-form-sept-2014
Application for Life Membership life-membership-form-sept-2014
Application for Past Office Award past-office-award-form-sept-2014
Legion Procedures Procedures- 2014
Financial Review Guidelines financial review committeeguidelines-2010
Leadership Development – Brochures
Branch Leadership Manual branch Leadership Manual
Branch President  tod branch president
Immediate Past President tod branch past president
Vice Presidents tod branch vice presidents
Branch Secretary tod branch secretary
Branch Treasurer tod branch treasurer
Branch Executive Committee tod branch executive

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