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    Amalgamated Zone D1                                     

    Vic Sing 2013-2019
    Carla Inglis 2011-2013
    Patricia Conway-Willis 2009-2011
    Linda Gallant/Patricia Conway-Willis 2007-2009
    mapleleaf Charlcie Stickley 2005-2007
    Eleanor Johnson/       mapleleaf  Charlcie Stickley
     former Zone D1
    Shelley Sing 2001-2003
    Jean Makrocki 1999-2001
    poppy-pin_000 Dennis Oates 1997-1999
    Bill Bouchard 1995-1997
     poppy-pin_000 Ted Slade 1993-1995
    poppy-pin_000 Dan Segin 1991-1993
    poppy-pin_000 Jerry Strader 1989-1991
     poppy-pin_000 Jim Ireland 1987-1989
     poppy-pin_000 Wilf Prendergast 1985-1987
     poppy-pin_000 Fran Antrobus 1983-1985
     poppy-pin_000 Sam Leslie 1981-1983
     poppy-pin_000 Robert Weir 1973-1973
     poppy-pin_000 K. Brereton 1967-1973
     poppy-pin_000 S. Hannivan 1963-1965
     poppy-pin_000 S. Johnston 1961-1963
    poppy-pin_000 J.M.Clark 1951-1953
    poppy-pin_000 Bob Sharpe
    poppy-pin_000 Roy Kennett
    poppy-pin_000 George Hollsworth
    poppy-pin_000 Garnet Booth

    former Zone D2

    mapleleaf Eva Videto 1997-2003
    mapleleaf Dave Ross
    poppy-pin_000 Russ Ley
    poppy-pin_000 Ernie Benton
    poppy-pin_000 Gord Moore
    poppy-pin_000 Art Adams
    poppy-pin_000 Alvin Videto
    poppy-pin_000 Ray Knibbs
    poppy-pin_000 Betty Knibbs
    P. Rogers 1973-1975
    poppy-pin_000 J. Nelson 1969-1973
    poppy-pin_000 R. Collins 1967-1969
    poppy-pin_000 R. Richards 1963-1965
    poppy-pin_000 J. Graham 1961-1963
     poppy-pin_000 deceased  mapleleaf

    At the going down of the Sun and in the Morning;

    We will Remember them…





    Serving Zone D1 Toronto