Zone Sports



All Members with paid up dues for the year in which the tournament is being held.
Membership cards or receipt must be produced for ALL events


Late entries will result in disqualification
There will be NO extension to the date
All entries must go through your Zone Sports Officers.                  



No tank tops, no tube tops, no crop tops, no t-shirts with offensive pictures or wording. Only knee length shorts, capri pants, casual pants, dress pants or jeans that are not torn or dirty are permissible. No open toe shoes


No muscle shirts, no tank tops, no t-shirts with offensive pictures or wording. 
Only knee length shorts, casual pants, dress pants or jeans that are not torn or dirty are permissible.
No open toe shoes.

Sports Calendar 2017-18 – All Zone D1 Events are complete!

Zone Event Entry Form Deadline

Zone Play

Host Branch


8 Ball November 18th, 2017


Winners Listed Below
Snooker November 19th, 2017 NO Tournament at Zone Level
Shuffleboard November 25th, 2017 NO Tournament at Zone Level
Cribbage December 3rd, 2017


Winners Listed Below
Regular Darts December 9th, 2017


Winners Listed Below
Mixed Darts December 10th, 2017


Winners Listed Below
Senior Darts December 17th, 2017


Winners Listed Below
Euchre January 14th, 2018


Winners Listed Below



Position Branch


8-ball 1st  Dallas Dyer and Jim Picket
2nd  Joe Laforet and Stan Miniota 
3rd  Jack Bowler and Dave Lattimore

 (L to R) Dallas Dyer and Jim Picket. 



Position Branch


1st  31 Bowler/Saari,Pavia/Finnie
2nd  643 Kenneth/Simpson Spurvey/Chin
3rd  31 Dean/Mura Palazzo/Rees
4th  101 Crookston/Longlade Hobbs/Inglis
5th 266-46 Jackson/Pepper Burling/Young
6th 266-46 Johns/Miller Docet/Clark
7th 101 Adams/Scott Younger/Chisholm
8th 266-46 Laforet/Tarniowy Merceica/Gilbert
9th 643 Mueller/Jackson Todd/Bradford
10th 643 Jordan/Milne Hartigan/Irvine

 (L to R)  J Bowler, L Saari, Will Smith (Zone D1 Sports) L Finnie and S Pavia from Branch 31  



Position Branch


1st 101 Bertrand/Hobbs/Ankenman/Ankenman
2nd 31 McCabe/McCabe/Tucker/Tucker
3rd 101 Scott/Willis/Drennan/Furlotte
4th 266-46 Burling/Choma/Burling/Morris
5th 266-46 Lepine/Lepine/Platten/Perkin
6th 101 Blanchard/Thurman/Woodman/MacDonald
7th 101 Clark/Chisholm/Adams/Younger
8th 31 Lonsdale/Brown/ Steele/ Lesarge
9th 266-46 Lipka/Kikiantanis/ Patterson/Hutchinson
10th 266-46 Pepper/Doucet/Clark/Allan

2018 Zone D1 Euchre Winners – Branch 101

(L to R) John Hobbs Mike Bertrand Oksana Ankenmann Jeff Ankenmann


Senior Darts – SINGLES 

1st  101  Nelson Reid
2nd 101  Michael McCutcheon
3rd 266-46  Zoe Reid
4th 101  Steve Marini
5th 31  Paul Campbell
6th 266-46  Eileen Wright
7th  31  Simon McNichol
8th 266-46  Billy Cripps
9th  31  Dave Lattimore
10th  31  Marina Christopoulos

Senior Darts – DOUBLES 

1st  101  D Lukasik/N Reid
2nd  101  M McCutcheon/ S Marini
3rd  31  P Campbell/ D Lattimore
4th 266-46  E Wright/ M Cooper
5th  31  P Gaudet/J Bowler
6th 31  B Irwin/M Christopoulos
7th 266-46  B Cripps/ E Corbett
8th 643  J Currie/ B Borden
9th 643  K McDonald/J Clark
10th 31  P Bowler/W Smith


Senior Darts – TEAMS 

1st 101 Nelson Reid/Dave Lukasik/Michael McCutcheon/Steve Marini
2nd 31 Paul Gaudet/ Walter Smith/Pat Bowler/Jack Bowler
3rd 31 Bob Irwin/Paul Campbell/Marina Christopoulos/Dave Lattimore
4th 643 Bernie Borden/Jack Currie/Kay McDonald/John Clark

(L to R) – Steve Marini,  Nelson Reid, Sports Officer- Will Smith, Mike McCutcheon, Dave Lukasik


Mixed Darts 

DOUBLES Position Branch Winners


1st 31 A Pais/ T Calalo-Pais
2nd 31 B Irwin/ M Christopoulos
3rd  31 P Campbell/ C Latouche
4th  266-46 D Silva/ E Wright
5th 101 B Hayworth/ P Hayworth
6th 31 D Lattimore/C Creech
7th 266-46 H Pepper/ E Pepper
8th 101 S Butts/ A Khan
9th 31 L Lloyd/ P Gaudet
10th  31 L Saari/ J Bowler


Mixed Darts


Position Branch Winners


1st  31 B Irwin/ C Creech/ D Lattimore/ M Christopoulos
2nd  31 A Pais/ T Calalo-Pais/ C Latouche/ P Campbell
3rd 31 L Lloyd/P Gaudet/ L Saari/ J Bowler
4th 101 B Hayworth/P Hayworth/ S Butts/ A Khan
5th 266-46 H Pepper/E Pepper/D Silva/E Wright

(L to R) – Zone Officer Will Smith, 

Dave Lattimore, Marina Christopoulos, Bob Irwin and Cathy Creech) Br 31 Mount Dennis


Regular Darts


Position Branch Winners


1st  31  Rob Thomson
2nd 31  Alfonso Pais
3rd 101  Nelson Reid
4th 101  Matthew Lunan
5th 101  Brian Hayworth
6th 31  Teng Calalo-Pais
7th 101  Sheldon Butts
8th  31  Shawn Slaney
9th 266-46  Hunter Pepper
10th  266-46  Eileen Wright


Regular Darts


Position Branch Winners
darts-spinning 1st 31  Alfonso Pais/ T Calalo-Pais
2nd  101  M Lunan/ D Virgilio
3rd 266-46 B Cripps/ C Parsons
4th 101  T Mucha/ S Marini
5th 266-46  RJ Brooks/ H Pepper
6th 643  L Finelli/ F Finelli
7th 101  N Reid/ D Lukasik
8th 31  C Latouche/ M Parsons
9th 266-46  D Culbertson/ V Lepine
10th 31   Don Irons/ Bob Grave


Regular Darts


Position Branch Winners
darts-spinning 1st 101 N Reid/D Lukasik/ T Mucha/S Marini
2nd  31 D Irons/ S Slaney/ R Thomson/B Grave
3rd 101 M Lunan/ D Virgillio/ S Butts/ B Hayworth
4th  31 A Pais/ T Calalo-Pais/  C Latouche/ M Parsons
5th 31 B Irwin/ P Rees/ P Gaudet/ D Lattimore
6th 266-46 D Culberton/ V Lepine/ C Parsons/ B Cripps
7th 643 D Clark/ B Borden/ J Currie/ J Clark
8th 643 L Finelli/ F Finelli/ L Finelli/ M Chin
9th 643 D Simpson/ S Harwood/G Jackson/ C Lindup
10th 266-46 J Steward/S Maguire/D Silva/ E Wright

(L to R)  T Mucha, D Lukasik, D1 Sports Officer, Will Smith, S Marini, N Reid



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