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During this temporary shutdown we are still available to all veterans. If assistance is needed in anyway please contact your closest Legion Branch.

The Legion Service Bureau Network serves Veterans, members of the Canadian Armed Forces(CAF), RCMP, and their families by representing their interests with Veterans Affairs Canada and the Veterans Review and Appeal Board for disability benefits under the Pension Act or the New Veterans Charter. The Legion’s professional Command Service Officers are mandated by legislation to provide representation, advocacy and financial assistance free of charge, Legion member or not.legionaires3

The Veterans Service Officer is there to ensure that all Veterans in the area are receiving the benefits to which they are entitled, particularly those that are housed in Seniors’ residences, homes or hospitals and who may not be aware of their entitlements.  The Service Officer shall consider making recommendations for improvements in Veteran’s legislation and shall monitor the use of all priority access beds in Veterans’ facilities in the area.

he Last Post Fund’s primary mandate is to deliver the Veterans Affairs Canada Funeral and Burial Program which provides funeral, burial and grave marking benefits for eligible Canadian and Allied Veterans. Its mission is to ensure that no Veteran is denied a dignified funeral and burial, as well as a military gravestone, due to insufficient funds at time of death.

In addition to delivering the Funeral and Burial Program, the Last Post Fund supports other initiatives designed to honour the memory of Canadian and Allied Veterans. The Last Post Fund is supported financially by Veterans Affairs Canada and by private donations. They can be contacted at 1-800-465-7113 or

The Legion helps Veterans and their family members leave the streets behind and turn their lives around through national and provincial programs offering financial assistance and supports for homeless Veterans and those at-risk.       To date, the Leave the Streets Behind program is operated in Ontario, British Columbia/Yukon, Alberta/North West Territories, Nova Scotia /Nunavut Commands, and was just launched in New Brunswick Command this past March.     The Legion is working to make the program available through all Provincial Commands.

Opening Beds for All Veterans ~

In 1947 an agreement was reached between the Federal and Provincial Governments on how to care for our WWII and Korean Veterans.  “With the passage by the federal government of the Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act 1 in 1957 and the Medical Care Act 2 in 1966, Canada’s publicly funded health care system formally came into being and confirmed the provinces’ responsibility for the provision of health care for their residents in accordance with the Constitution Act, 1867.3

The Department of Veterans Affairs began the transfer of ownership and operation of its care facilities to provincial health authorities and, in so doing, committed substantial funding for their maintenance and improvement of these facilities. There were originally beds for Veteran’s in 40 locations across Canada, with only one still being federally run – St Anne’s in Montreal, Quebec. I believe that has or is being transferred back to the Quebec Provincial Government now. “

With the declining numbers of WWII and Korean Veterans these beds are being reduced and veterans of other conflicts do not have access to them and they will be kept at home with help from the Home Care program, now called CCAC. Now in 2016, Veterans after the Korean War as peace keepers or from the Afghanistan War are being denied access to these locations. They will have to stay at home alone – separated from their comrades and pretty much deserted by the Government they served and left to their own devices – unless they call CCAC for help

We are asking you to support a change to the legislation to allow Provincial Governments to use these facilities for all Veterans who have served their Country. All Veterans would like to be with people that shared the same experiences and not stuck at home to live a lonely existence because of their contributions to Canada.

Since this was an act of Parliament to make the original changes, we are asking Canadians to contact there Federal and Provincial Ministers and ask them to revise the law so that all Veterans who need access to these locations can do so. Your letter will be a voice for ALL Veterans. This will only change if Canadians request a change.

Here is the Current Members of Parliament –

Sending a letter to your Parliamentary Representative costs no postage stamp. Include your name, address, phone number and signature.

Thank you in advance,

Marilyn Lawson, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #10 – Todmorden Branch Service Officer


This is a sample letter  click on the link above to find the MP of your area and put your info at the bottom

and get our voices for our Veterans heard!

The click on this link for a printable copy OPEN Veteran Beds Letter

Date: _______________

To MP _______________________________________________

I am writing this letter on behalf of all Canadian Veterans past, present and future in regards to the closing of Veterans Hospitals across Canada.

We understand that at the death of the last Korean War Veteran, the government of Canada will force the closure of all Veterans hospitals across this country. As that is how the Legislation now stands.

We, as member of the Royal Canadian Legion, and on behalf of family, friends and veterans alike, strongly plead with you the Members of Parliament, to bring forward new legislation to allow Veterans Hospitals to remain open for ALL VETERANS from all theatres where Canadian soldiers were injured while serving their Country.

We strongly hope that you find it in your minds and heart to change this legislation before the last Korean Veteran dies.

Name: ________________________________

Branch: ________________________________

Phone #: ________________________________

Email: ________________________________



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Application for Military Service Information

Application for Record of Service Card NDI 75 – Regular and Reserve Force


The Seniors Officers shall promote and carry out programs to which Legion Members can relate, that will enhance the quality of life and provide social and service amenities to our aging Veterans and Citizens.  The foster Branch and community interests in Seniors and encourage the Branch to adopt and assist, programs to provide basic services that will enhance the quality of life for Seniors in the community.

Many Branches have Seniors Groups that provide fun and entertainment for the Seniors in the Community with events such as bus trips, shopping trips, lunches, dinners and theatre trips. Some Branches bring in guest speakers from the Police Departments, Retirement Residences, etc to keep the Seniors in the Community updated as to what assistance is available to them.

Visit the Ontario Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse Website –

Visit the Ontario Government Site for more information on Seniors Programs –

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